Anthropic, the AI company backed by tech giants Google and Amazon, has made its debut in the mobile chatbot market with the launch of its first iOS app. This app, simply named “Claude,” offers free access to their conversational AI technology alongside paid tiers for both personal and professional use.

Source: Anthropic

The free tier provides a basic chat experience with Claude, allowing users to interact with the AI and explore its capabilities. For those seeking a more advanced experience, Anthropic offers a Pro tier within the app. This subscription unlocks additional features like increased interaction capacity and access to more refined responses from Claude.

However, the most significant announcement alongside the app is the introduction of the Team plan. This subscription caters specifically to businesses and offers a collaborative workspace for teams to leverage Claude’s AI capabilities. The Team plan boasts features like increased usage limits for team members, administrative tools for managing user access, and the ability to process and analyze large documents, potentially streamlining workflows across various departments.

Source: Anthropic

One of Claude’s key strengths, as highlighted by Anthropic, is its ability to handle multimodal data. This means Claude can not only process text but can also analyze and understand images uploaded by users. This functionality opens doors for various applications, such as uploading a screenshot of a chart and asking Claude to summarize the data or identify objects within an image. The launch of the Claude app signifies Anthropic’s ambition to make its AI technology more accessible and user-friendly.

By offering a free tier and catering to both individual and business needs, Anthropic positions itself as a competitor in the growing market for AI chatbots, going head-to-head with established players like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s own LaMDA. The coming months will likely see an interesting battle unfold as these companies vie for dominance in the realm of conversational AI.