The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), a regulatory body overseeing solicitors in the UK, has issued a public warning regarding a new email scam targeting individuals. This scam involves fake solicitors demanding Bitcoin payments.

According to the SRA’s website, the scam emails originate from the address “[email protected].” These emails threaten recipients with the release of compromising videos unless a Bitcoin payment is made. The emails claim the recipient’s personal data has been compromised and use scare tactics to pressure them into compliance.

Furthermore, the scam uses the name “Patrice Joyce” and falsely associates them with legitimate firms, Attwaters Solicitors LLP and Attwaters Jameson Hill Solicitors. The SRA confirms that no solicitor named Patrice Joyce is authorized or regulated by them. They emphasize that any communication or transactions conducted through the email domain “” are not affiliated with the genuine firms or individuals they regulate. Legitimate emails from these firms would have domain endings like “” or “”

The SRA advises the public to exercise caution with unsolicited emails, especially those demanding Bitcoin payments. They recommend never clicking on links or attachments within such emails and verifying the sender’s identity before responding. Additionally, they urge people not to be pressured into making financial transactions based on threats or intimidation.

This scam highlights the growing prevalence of cryptocurrency-based scams targeting unsuspecting individuals. It serves as a reminder to be vigilant and verify the legitimacy of any communication requesting Bitcoin payments. If you suspect a scam, report it to the relevant authorities immediately.