On March 4, MicroStrategy shares surged over 20% as Bitcoin exceeded $67,000, setting a new euro record at 60,000 euros. With aims to surpass the Mexican peso next. Concurrently, Coinbase launched embedded smart contracts for developers, enhancing the creation of Web3 applications by addressing key challenges.

As Bitcoin nears its all-time high, MSTR stock rises by more than 20%.

On March 4, shares of MicroStrategy (MSTR) surged as the business analytics firm received further impetus from Bitcoin’s continuous price surge.

MSTR reached a top of $1,339 after rising more than 20% in intraday trade. Even while it eventually gave up some of those gains, it was still well above $1,260.

As Bitcoin gets closer to reaching a new all-time high, the company’s stock is benefiting greatly from this. On March 4, the price of Bitcoin exceeded $67,000, having increased by more than 56% in the previous month.

MicroStrategy increased its total holdings to 193,000 BTC in mid-February, adding an additional 3,000 BTC to its balance sheet. MicroStrategy and Chairman Michael Saylor have made it clear that they plan to continue purchasing Bitcoin “forever.”

Bitcoin reaches a new peak in euros

Bitcoin (BTC) $67,535 tickers downward achieved a new multiyear high of $65,000 as the price of the cryptocurrency passed a new all-time high versus the euro.

At 8:30 am UTC, Bitcoin reached 60,393 euros, up roughly 5% from its intraday low of 57,521 euros, according to data from TradingView. As of this writing, the price of Bitcoin is 59,981 euros, up almost 56% since the beginning of the year.

The next most ambitious aim for Bitcoin to bust is the Mexican peso, according to Sam Wouters, marketing head at River Intelligence. As of this writing, BTC is selling around 1.1 million pesos, down roughly 24% from its previous high of roughly 1.4 million pesos recorded in November 2021, according to statistics from Xe.

Coinbase increases its selection of wallet-as-a-service

cryptocurrency trading For developers, Coinbase has released integrated smart wallets, enabling improved interoperability across Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) apps.

The release states that users can carry their cryptocurrency holdings with them across other EVM-compatible applications by integrating. The Coinbase Wallet software development kit with the exchange’s new smart wallet solutions. Developers can integrate noncustodial white-labeled wallets into their applications using the embedded wallet capability.

“Over the past year, we’ve learned a lot from our customers and have been working hard to enhance the overall service experience. Embedded wallets are the result of our efforts.” Yuga Cohler. Senior technical manager at Coinbase Embedded Wallets, “it’s been really a continuous effort for the past year.”

The solutions build upon Coinbase’s wallet-as-a-service product line. Which spares developers from having to design new technologies in order to include cryptocurrency wallets into their own applications.