Shemaroo Entertainment has joined forces with GMetri, a no-code metaverse XR platform, to bring Bollywood’s magic to life in a whole new way. This collaboration paves the way for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) powered games based on popular Bollywood movie franchises, specifically designed for the JioDive XR headset.

ShemarooVerse, Shemaroo’s metaverse platform launched in October 2023, takes center stage in this initiative. By leveraging GMetri’s AI platform,, creators will be able to craft interactive games that seamlessly blend storytelling and gameplay, offering an immersive experience for Bollywood fans.

The use of AI in these games is particularly intriguing. It opens doors for innovative experiences that can potentially adapt and evolve based on user interaction. This could translate to personalized storylines, dynamic challenges, or even AI-powered characters that react and respond to players’ choices.

JioDive, a smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) headset developed by Jio Platforms, serves as the platform for accessing these games. This integration makes the technology accessible to a wider audience in India, where VR is gaining traction.

While specific titles haven’t been revealed yet, the mention of popular movie franchises hints at exciting possibilities. Imagine stepping into the world of “Jab We Met” (mentioned in the source article) or influencing the course of a thrilling action sequence from your favorite Bollywood film.

This collaboration between Shemaroo, GMetri, and Jio represents a significant step forward in merging Bollywood entertainment with cutting-edge XR technology. The potential to enhance fan engagement and open doors to interactive storytelling is undeniable. With AI playing a key role, these games have the potential to revolutionize how fans experience their favorite Bollywood movies.