Samsung is joining forces with Seoul National University (SNU) to establish a cutting-edge research center dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI). This industry-academia partnership aims to solidify Samsung’s position in the rapidly evolving AI landscape and foster the next generation of AI talent.

Source: Samsung

The new lab will focus on developing advanced AI technologies, specifically targeting applications that enhance Samsung’s core products – mobile phones, TVs, and home appliances. Samsung Electronics’ device division will collaborate with SNU’s interdisciplinary AI program, bringing together industry expertise with academic excellence.

This collaboration holds significant benefits for both parties. Samsung expects to gain a competitive edge by securing cutting-edge AI technologies for its products. The partnership will also provide Samsung with a pipeline of highly skilled AI researchers, crucial for staying ahead of the curve in the dynamic field of AI.

SNU, on the other hand, will benefit from Samsung’s vast resources and real-world industry experience. The collaboration will provide researchers with access to state-of-the-art facilities and datasets, accelerating the pace of their AI research endeavors.

The focus on talent development is another key aspect of this partnership. The Samsung-SNU AI lab aims to cultivate the next generation of AI experts by providing them with practical research experience and mentorship from industry leaders. This focus on nurturing future talent is crucial for ensuring a sustainable and robust AI ecosystem.

The announcement of this joint AI lab signifies Samsung’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of AI innovation. By leveraging the expertise of Seoul National University, a leading academic institution, Samsung is well-positioned to develop groundbreaking AI technologies that will shape the future of its products and the wider AI industry.