Polygon, a prominent scaling platform for Ethereum, unveiled a whopping $720 million Community Treasury dedicated to funding blockchain projects over the next decade. This initiative targets developers working within both the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems.

The substantial $720 million fund will be distributed strategically, with an initial allocation of 100 million Polygon (MATIC) tokens earmarked for disbursement annually. This translates to a potential distribution of one billion MATIC tokens over the next ten years. To kickstart the project, the first season of the Community Grants Program (CGP) will receive a generous 35 million MATIC tokens, valued at roughly $25 million.

This inaugural season of the CGP offers two distinct tracks for developers: the General Grant Track and the Consumer Crypto Track. The General Grant Track caters to a wide range of blockchain projects, while the Consumer Crypto Track specifically focuses on fostering the development of consumer-facing blockchain applications.

By establishing this significant grant program, Polygon aims to fuel the growth and development of the blockchain space. The influx of funding is expected to incentivize developers and attract new talent, ultimately leading to a surge of innovative blockchain projects. This initiative underscores Polygon’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and robust blockchain ecosystem.