On Tuesday, October 31, PayPal was given permission by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide cryptocurrency-related services in the UK.

The FCA Registers PayPal UK For Crypto Activities

After its Tuesday addition to the registration, Paypal UK Limited is permitted to engage in "certain cryptoasset activities." Companies in the UK that offer cryptocurrency services must register with the FCA and abide by its anti-money laundering rules.

Source: Crypto Marco (@cryptomarco14)
Source: Crypto Marco (@cryptomarco14)

PayPal can now authorize its own communications related to cryptocurrencies by landing on the register, which went live in 2020, in accordance with the recently enforced marketing regulations. PayPal announced back in August that it was temporarily halting cryptocurrency sales in the country in order to comply with the regulations.

PayPal became the fourth business this year to receive the FCA's crypto registration, following Bitstamp, Komainu, and Interactive Brokers.

It further stated that there had been a change following the UK's exit from the EU. PayPal Europe has so far catered to customers in the United Kingdom, offering its users the same products and services.

Approved Amidst UK's Tighter Regulations

The UK government announced plans to tighten regulations on cryptocurrency providers under the Financial Services and Markets Act at the same time that PayPal registered as a cryptocurrency.

A Treasury notice from October 30 states that if cryptocurrency exchanges decide to list digital assets, they might have to abide by new disclosure and admittance requirements.

326 applications for crypto registration were received between January 2020 and October 6, 2023. The approval rate is 14% with only 43 registrations approved.

PayPal announced in August that it would not be accepting cryptocurrency purchases in the UK until 2024 as a result of stricter FCA regulations.

The pause is unaffected by the new registration, the representative confirmed. The end of the stoppage is not yet certain.

As per their website, PayPal is growing its staff in the UK and is currently hiring for ten positions, which include a reporting officer for cryptocurrency money laundering and the head of financial crime.


The FCA's approval of PayPal's cryptocurrency services is a significant milestone for both the payments giant and the cryptocurrency industry in the United Kingdom. This regulatory backing is likely to enhance the credibility and accessibility of digital assets, providing consumers with more options and convenience when dealing with cryptocurrencies. As PayPal continues to expand its cryptocurrency offerings, the company is set to play a more prominent role in the evolving landscape of digital finance.