Opera has unveiled the second iteration of its flagship browser, One R2. Currently, in developer beta, One R2 boasts a revamped design alongside exciting new features that leverage artificial intelligence (AI).

The aesthetic overhaul focuses on user experience. One R2 introduces floating multimedia controls that can be resized and customized to match the browser’s theme. This allows users to seamlessly control music or videos without switching tabs or applications. Additionally, the Music Player has been updated for easier song management, and the Video Pop-out module has been redesigned to complement the browser’s fresh look.

But the true highlight of One R2 lies in its embrace of AI. Users can now enjoy enhanced functionality through features like split tabs and improved tab management. Split tabs enable users to work on two web pages simultaneously within the same window, a boon for multitaskers.

For those who juggle a multitude of open tabs, One R2 introduces “Traces.” This feature highlights recently closed tabs, making it a breeze to retrieve accidentally closed pages, especially when managing over 30 tabs.

Opera takes AI integration a step further with the introduction of tab emojis.  This playful feature allows users to personalize and visually organize their tabs using a vast library of over a thousand emojis.

One R2 builds upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, Opera One. Launched in 2024, Opera One garnered recognition for its innovative architecture and focus on AI-powered browsing. Notably, it introduced Aria, the first-ever built-in browser AI.

While specifics about AI-powered features in One R2 haven’t been fully revealed yet, it’s safe to say Opera is likely continuing down the path of integrating AI assistants and functionalities to enhance user experience and redefine web browsing.

With its focus on design, AI integration, and improved functionality, One R2 positions itself as a strong contender in the browser market. The developer beta allows users to experience these advancements firsthand and contribute feedback to further refine the browsing experience.