Studio369, the minds behind the popular mech shooter MetalCore, announced the commencement of their third Closed Beta (CB3), kicking off on June 27th. This beta phase brings exciting new features, with a focus on integrating Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Web3 technology into the core gameplay experience.

MetalCore, a massive multiplayer online game (MMO), has garnered a loyal following for its thrilling mech combat. CB3 aims to expand upon this foundation by introducing features that cater to both Web2 and Web3 gamers.

One of the key highlights is the incorporation of NFTs. While details haven’t been fully revealed, it’s speculated that players might be able to own unique in-game items or cosmetics as NFTs. This could potentially add a new layer of value and ownership to the player experience.

Web3 integration also takes center stage in CB3. The specifics remain under wraps, but it hints at the possibility of leveraging blockchain technology for in-game economies or potentially even character ownership. Studio369 has mentioned a new off-chain currency called SHARDS, which could play a role in these Web3 features.

This move by Studio369 signifies a growing trend of game developers embracing blockchain technology and exploring its potential within gaming ecosystems. Whether it’s through NFT ownership or novel in-game economies, Web3 integration in MetalCore CB3 promises to be an interesting experiment.

However, the integration of NFTs and Web3 has also sparked discussions. Some players welcome the potential for increased ownership and unique digital assets. However, concerns regarding potential pay-to-win mechanics or an increased financial barrier to entry for new players remain valid points of discussion.

As the launch of MetalCore CB3 approaches, gamers eagerly await a deeper dive into the specifics of NFT and Web3 implementation. The success of this integration will depend on how Studio369 balances innovation with ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.