Jolla has re-emerged on the scene with a privacy-focused twist. They recently unveiled their Jolla Mind2, a personal server-based AI assistant device designed to prioritize user privacy.

Jolla Mind2 boasts an on-device AI model capable of handling many user queries and tasks. This local processing keeps user data within the device, minimizing the need to send information to external servers. However, for situations where the on-device AI can’t provide the answer, Jolla offers users the option to connect with third-party large language models. But Jolla emphasizes transparency by employing a color-coding system to clearly indicate when user data is leaving the device’s secure environment.

The launch comes after Jolla’s initial reveal of the Mind2 at MWC back in February. Pre-orders for the device are now underway in Europe, with wider global availability planned for June. The first wave of Jolla Mind2 devices is expected to ship later this year or early next year.

Source: Jolla

Jolla’s focus on privacy comes amidst growing concerns about user data collection and use by big tech companies. This focus could position the Jolla Mind2 as an attractive option for users seeking a more private AI experience. However, the success of Mind2 will likely hinge on its on-device AI capabilities and the performance of its external connections when necessary.

Whether Jolla Mind2 can carve out a niche in the AI assistant market remains to be seen. However, its privacy-centric approach offers a fresh perspective in a field increasingly scrutinized for data practices.