Website Metaschool is Hiring

Job Title. Web3 Developer Relations (DevRel) Fellow

Company Overview
Metaschool is dedicated to producing courses that empower developers to thrive in the Web3 ecosystem. As a decentralized, remote-first company, we unite talented individuals from diverse backgrounds in Singapore, India, and Pakistan. Our shared passion for building, learning, and fostering community drives us forward, transcending borders and fostering collaboration.

Core Values
🏗 Buidl dope shit! – We value your creations over formal degrees or corporate experience.
🌈 Stay weird – Embrace your individuality; diversity fuels our innovation.
🏔 Improve daily – Small daily efforts compound into significant achievements.
Developers come first – Our focus is on empowering developers to succeed.
📝 Learners for life – Embrace a mindset of continual learning and growth.
🤝 Collaborate to win – Success comes from teamwork and mutual support.

About the Role
Metaschool is launching a Web3 DevRel fellowship program aimed at developers in Chennai, India, aspiring to break into the field of Developer Relations. This 3-month program offers an immersive experience designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive as DevRel professionals. Successful fellows may have the opportunity for full-time employment with Metaschool or our partner organizations, based on performance and growth.

Who Can Join this Program?
This program is open to individuals passionate about Web3, with coding skills and a spike in one or more of the following areas.

  1. Great Communication. Ability to simplify complex concepts into understandable terms.
  2. Super Connector. Enjoys bringing people together and fostering collaboration.
  3. Relentless Giver. Finds joy in supporting and uplifting others.
  4. Independent Problem Solver. Capable of debugging, testing, and solving issues autonomously.

What Will You Get?
🔮 Community. Connect with hundreds of DevRels on a similar journey.
🔮 Leadership Opportunities. Lead a chapter in your university or city to kickstart the movement.
🔮 Workshops. Organize and participate in workshops to refine your skills and pitch.
🔮 Swag and Metacoin Airdrop. Receive exclusive merchandise and participate in our Metacoin Airdrop (launching soon).
🔮 Discord Badge and Role. Gain recognition and access within our community.

We are committed to fostering diversity and encourage individuals of all genders, locations, and backgrounds to apply for this program. If you are serious about seizing this opportunity to learn, build, and ship alongside other aspiring DevRels, we invite you to apply today.