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Position Overview. ML Research Engineer

About IntellifAI Labs

At IntellifAI Labs, we lead the way in innovation, developing proprietary products and providing top-tier consulting services in the realms of Computer Vision and Generative AI. We’re seeking talented research engineers who share our passion for cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Role Overview

As an ML Research Engineer, immerse yourself in the captivating world of AI, with a primary focus on Computer Vision and Generative AI. Your contributions will involve tailoring AI solutions for clients and pioneering concepts that could evolve into market-ready products.

Core Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with clients to craft bespoke AI solutions, innovate methods, and optimize models for unique use cases.
  • Explore emerging generative AI models, evaluate their potential, and provide comprehensive assessments.
  • Stay abreast of cutting-edge advancements in Generative AI and Machine Learning.

What You Bring

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s in Computer Science, Electronics, or Electrical (alternate evidence of expertise is equally welcome).
  • At least two years of hands-on experience with PyTorch, with familiarity in training convolutional neural networks and diffusion models.
  • Experience working with and a deep understanding of diffusion models such as stable diffusion.
  • An innate drive for autonomous work and innovation.
  • Good communication skills, both written and verbal.

What’s in It for You

  • Dive deep into avant-garde AI projects and stay updated with groundbreaking discoveries.
  • Thrive in a dynamic startup ambiance.
  • Engage with a team of like-minded and highly skilled professionals.
  • Enjoy a flexible work-life balance.

Contract Details

  1. Type. Full-time / Contract
  2. Location. Remote
  3. Compensation. Competitive and aligned with industry standards