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About the Job Opportunity

Role. Machine Learning Engineer

Experience. 7+ Years

Key Skillset

  • Azure
  • Python
  • Deploying (rather than building) models in Production
  • MLOps with Kubernetes/Docker
  • CI/CD pipelines with GitHub Actions/Azure DevOps
  • Infrastructure Engineering (Terraform)
  • Databricks
  • Azure IoT Hub

Job Description

We are actively seeking a seasoned Machine Learning Engineer with over 7 years of experience to join our dynamic team. As a key contributor, you will bring your expertise in machine learning, Azure, and related technologies to drive the successful deployment of models into production environments.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Model Deployment. Utilize your experience in deploying machine learning models in production environments, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.
  2. MLOps Expertise. Demonstrate proficiency in MLOps practices, with a focus on Kubernetes and Docker for efficient model deployment and management.
  3. CI/CD Pipelines. Develop and maintain robust CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions and/or Azure DevOps, ensuring smooth and automated workflows throughout the development lifecycle.
  4. Infrastructure Engineering. Apply your skills in Infrastructure Engineering, particularly with Terraform, to design and implement scalable and reliable machine learning infrastructure.
  5. Databricks Integration. Collaborate on projects involving Databricks, contributing to the development and optimization of data processing and analysis workflows.
  6. Azure IoT Hub. Leverage your knowledge of Azure IoT Hub to implement and manage IoT solutions, ensuring the secure and efficient flow of data.


  1. Experience. Over 7 years of hands-on experience as a Machine Learning Engineer.
  2. Technical Proficiency. Strong expertise in Azure, Python, and deploying machine learning models in production environments.
  3. MLOps Skills. Proven experience with MLOps practices, especially with Kubernetes and Docker.
  4. CI/CD Pipelines. Familiarity with building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions and/or Azure DevOps.
  5. Infrastructure Engineering. Proficiency in Infrastructure Engineering, with a focus on Terraform for scalable and reliable infrastructure.
  6. Databricks. Hands-on experience with Databricks for data processing and analysis.
  7. Azure IoT Hub. Knowledge and experience in implementing solutions using Azure IoT Hub.

How to Apply
If you are a seasoned Machine Learning Engineer looking for an exciting opportunity to contribute your expertise in a collaborative and innovative environment, we invite you to join our team. Please apply with your updated resume and a cover letter outlining your relevant experience.

Note. The information provided is based on the details in the job description, and it is recommended to tailor it according to the specific requirements of the job and company.