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About the Job

Primary Skills. AI, AzureOpenAI, Azure AI, LLM

Total Experience. 5 to 17 years

Location. Pune/ Mumbai/ Hyderabad/ Chennai/ Bangalore/ Kolkata/ Delhi/ Noida/Coimbatore/ Bhubaneswar

Notice Period. Immediate to 30 days

Job Description

  1. Total Experience. 5+ years of IT experience with a minimum of 5+ years of experience on Azure Open AI, Cognitive services, Cognitive Search, Azure Open AI Embedding Models (text-embedding-ada-002), Azure Open AI Chat and Completion Models (Text-davinci-003, GPT-3.5-turbo, GPT-4), Azure Cognitive Services (Speech To text, Translator, and Computer Vision), Vector databases, embeddings, Lang Chain, Python, Prompting techniques.
  2. Technical Skills. Looking for experience on Azure App Service, Azure Bot Framework, Azure Functions, Azure SQL, Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Blob Storage, JavaScript frameworks, Python, .Net.
  3. Leadership. Lead technical design, technical direction, and solution. Provide a comprehensive end-to-end architecture for the stakeholder’s business and technical requirements, ensuring alignment across people, process, and systems domains.
  4. Requirements Gathering. Gather business and technical requirements from internal and external stakeholders to produce a comprehensive requirements specification document.
  5. Solution Analysis. Analyze and investigate possible solutions to meet customer’s business and technical requirements.
  6. Solution Descriptions. Produce professional high-level solution descriptions and obtain customer acceptance of these solutions.
  7. Project Support. Be responsible for the technical solution through all phases of the project, support project managers, and work within a defined change management process.

Secondary Skills

  • Strong experience in technically leading complex projects throughout the complete IT lifecycle (Analysis, Architecture, Design, Build, Test & Production).
  • Experience working in a matrix organization.
  • Ability to lead technically throughout the complete IT Development Lifecycle from requirements capture to handover and knowledge transfer.
  • Capability to organize and run requirement capture workshops and proactively listen to user needs.
  • Ability to lead customer relationships.

Note. This job description is sourced from official communication and is subject to change based on the organization’s requirements.