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About the Job
Token Metrics is seeking dynamic candidates with a blend of technical expertise and exceptional interpersonal skills to join us as a Technical Product Manager. In this role, you will drive the enhancement of customer experiences, foster innovative product ideas, and craft comprehensive product strategies.

Position Level. Mid to Senior Level

Technical Product Manager Responsibilities

  1. Leadership Lead technical engineering teams effectively, leveraging extensive experience and strong technical acumen.
  2. Technical Expertise. Possess a robust technical background with proficiency in technologies such as React, Node.js, JavaScript, etc.
  3. Requirement Gathering. Gather and validate product requirements to ensure alignment with customer needs and business objectives.
  4. Agile Management. Run daily Scrum meetings and collaborate within an Agile environment to drive product development.
  5. Strategy Development. Outline detailed product strategies to guide the direction of product development and evolution.
  6. Team Management. Manage diverse teams both onsite and offshore to ensure efficient collaboration and project execution.
  7. Roadmap Management. Develop and manage product roadmaps and releases, balancing feature development and delivery timelines.
  8. Market Understanding. Understand the unique selling points of the product and identify and fill product gaps to meet market demands.
  9. Innovation. Generate new product ideas through market research, customer feedback, and industry trends analysis.
  10. Launch Coordination. Work closely with PR and marketing teams to plan and execute successful product launches.
  11. Company Representation. Act as a product evangelist, representing the company at public events and industry conferences.

Technical Product Manager Requirements

  1. Education. Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
  2. Experience. Strong previous experience in product development, with a proven track record of delivering successful products.
  3. Technical Background. Solid technical background with hands-on experience in software development or web technologies.
  4. Problem-Solving. Attention to detail and excellent problem-solving skills to address complex technical challenges.
  5. Interpersonal Skills. Exceptional interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate effectively and collaborate across diverse teams.
  6. Communication. Strong written and verbal communication skills to convey ideas and concepts.
  7. Leadership. Demonstrated leadership skills to inspire and motivate teams towards achieving common goals.

About Token Metrics
Token Metrics empowers crypto investors to build profitable portfolios using artificial intelligence-based crypto indices, rankings, and price predictions. With a diverse customer base spanning more than 50 countries, from retail investors to crypto fund managers, Token Metrics is revolutionizing the way investors approach cryptocurrency investing.

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