Website Token Metrics is Hiring

Job Title. Social Media Intern
Company. Token Metrics
Duration. 3-month unpaid internship with the possibility of return offers

About Token Metrics
Token Metrics assists crypto investors in constructing profitable portfolios through AI-based crypto indices, rankings, and price predictions. With a diverse clientele spanning over 50 countries, Token Metrics serves everyone from retail investors and traders to crypto fund managers.


  1. Running Social Media Advertising Campaigns. Execute company social media advertising campaigns to increase brand visibility and engagement.
  2. Creating High-Quality Content. Develop compelling written and visual content for each social media campaign, ensuring it aligns with brand identity and objectives.
  3. Building Social Media Presence. Maintain a strong online presence across various social media platforms, fostering engagement and interaction.
  4. Monitoring Brand Presence. Monitor the company’s brand on social media platforms, ensuring brand reputation is upheld and managed effectively.
  5. Engaging Influencers. Identify and engage relevant influencers to help build brand awareness and expand reach.
  6. Managing Online Communities. Oversee online communities to facilitate respectful and appropriate engagement, responding to comments and inquiries promptly.
  7. Customer Service. Provide customer service support via social media platforms, addressing queries and concerns in a timely and professional manner.
  8. Analyzing Campaign Performance. Analyze data to evaluate the effectiveness of social media campaigns and make data-driven decisions for optimization.
  9. Employee Coaching. Coach employees company-wide on best practices for content creation and social media engagement.


  1. Social Media Marketing Experience. Demonstrated experience in social media marketing, including campaign management and content creation.
  2. Strategy Development. Experience developing social media strategies and marketing plans to achieve business objectives.
  3. Platform Expertise. Proficiency in developing the appropriate voice and content for each social media platform.
  4. Community Building. Proven ability to build and nurture social media communities, fostering engagement and interaction.
  5. Graphic Design Skills. Understanding of graphic design principles to create visually appealing content.
  6. Brand Management. Experience in brand management on social media, maintaining brand consistency and integrity.
  7. Campaign Analysis. Ability to measure the success of social media campaigns through data analysis and interpretation.

About the Internship

The Token Metrics internship program offers hands-on experience in social media marketing and community management within the cryptocurrency industry. While the internship is unpaid, it provides valuable learning opportunities and the potential for future employment with the company.

If you are passionate about social media marketing, crypto, and building engaging online communities, we invite you to apply for the Social Media Intern position at Token Metrics.