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Job Title. Blockchain Designer & Developer
Company. Hushh Intelligence Inc.
Job Type. Full-Time
Location. Global (Remote/On-site Options Available in Major Markets)

About Hushh
Hushh is leading the charge in integrating blockchain and web3 technologies with existing web2 and web1 platforms, revolutionizing personal and business data interactions. We specialize in developing secure, on-device AI/ML solutions within the luxury tech and AI sectors, utilizing blockchain for heightened privacy and user empowerment.

Your Role
We are in search of a talented Blockchain Designer & Developer with expertise in seamlessly integrating blockchain and DLT with web2 and web1 technologies. As a key member of our team, you’ll be tasked with creating practical blockchain solutions that enhance user experiences in data access, management, and security. Your responsibilities will include.

  • Developing blockchain solutions that seamlessly integrate with web2 systems such as traditional databases and web1 infrastructures.
  • Innovating in applying DLT for on-device data security, ensuring privacy and user control.
    Working on blockchain integrations with iOS/MacOS applications and various payment and banking systems, ensuring compliance and user ease.

Key Responsibilities

  • Implementation of blockchain technologies (Ethereum, Hyperledger, etc.) and smart contracts (using Solidity, etc.).
  • Designing UI/UX for blockchain applications, prioritizing user-friendly experiences.
  • Developing APIs for blockchain interactions and integrating with web2/web1 systems.
  • Staying updated on blockchain security trends and applying best practices in our solutions.
  • Leading projects focused on blockchain’s role in personal data security and efficiency.


  • Solid experience in blockchain, smart contracts, and DLT.
  • Proficiency in Solidity, JavaScript, Python, and relevant blockchain frameworks.
  • Familiarity with web2 technologies (SQL, NoSQL databases) and web1 protocols.
  • Experience in secure on-device data management and integration with mobile technologies.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.
  • Strong problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

Why Join Hushh?

  • Innovate at the intersection of blockchain, AI, and luxury tech.
  • Develop solutions that prioritize data privacy and user control.
  • Be part of a dynamic team pushing the boundaries of technology.

Apply Now
Ready to shape the future of blockchain in luxury tech? Email your resume and cover letter to [email protected].

Key Questions. http://[email protected].

How would you leverage blockchain and DLT to enhance on-device data security and user privacy?
Describe a project where you integrated blockchain with web2/web1 technologies.
How can blockchain technology be applied to improve data observability and access management in a user-centric model?
Hushh is an equal-opportunity employer, valuing diversity and inclusivity. We encourage applicants from all backgrounds to apply.