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Job Title. Autosar LEAD – CRYPTO (Platform SW)

Experience. 10+ years

Vertical. Crypto (HSM)

Autosar Version. Classic Autosar

Coding Language. EMBEDDED C

Primary Core Skills Required


  • Proven hands-on experience in HSM Firmware Driver (Minimum 3 years in HSM FD Role)
  • Experience in HSM Update component
  • Proficiency in HSM Configuration and usage of crypto functions


  • Extensive experience in developing, configuring, and productizing CRYPTO Stack, including CRYIF, CRYPTO Services, and CRYPTO Driver


  • Expertise in AUTOSAR (Classic)
  • Hands-on experience in Architecture Development & Tools
  • Good experience in Software Development for Automotive-based ECUs

Configuration Tools

Proficient in EB Tresos (preferable)

Minimal extent experience with Vector/DaVinci tools
We are seeking a highly skilled Autosar LEAD specializing in Crypto (Platform SW) with extensive experience in HSM firmware drivers, CRYPTO stack development, and Autosar architecture. If you meet the above qualifications and are passionate about automotive software development, we encourage you to apply. Join our team and contribute to the cutting-edge technology driving the automotive industry forward