IBM announced the launch of its GenAI Innovation Center in Kochi, India. This center aims to empower businesses, startups, and collaborators to explore and develop generative AI (GenAI) technology.

Located within IBM’s existing India Software Lab in Kochi, the GenAI Innovation Center will be a hub for AI expertise and resources. It will provide access to the latest advancements in generative AI, including large language models (LLMs), case studies, and IBM’s team of specialists.

The center is built upon InstructLab, a collaborative effort between IBM and Red Hat designed to enhance LLMs using a client’s specific data. It will also leverage IBM’s existing WatsonX AI and data platform alongside AI assistant technologies. This comprehensive suite of tools will allow clients to learn about fine-tuning LLMs and partner with IBM to develop, deploy, and govern their own customized models for real-world business applications.

This launch underscores IBM’s commitment to fostering a robust AI ecosystem in India. The GenAI Innovation Center will act as a breeding ground for innovation, addressing challenges across various sectors like healthcare, sustainability, education, and more. By harnessing the power of generative AI, the center has the potential to significantly improve productivity and generate new solutions for businesses and society as a whole.