MetaMask is a popular cryptocurrency software wallet.  Except for Bitcoin, practically every DeFi program and almost every blockchain interface with it. Web3Universe tells you how to add Optimism to MetaMask in this guide.

What is optimism?

Optimism is a Layer 2 (or “L2”) blockchain that helps the Ethereum base layer (or Layer 1) scale by allowing for cheaper and quicker transactions while retaining Ethereum’s security. Optimism was created to make it easier to begin EVM-compatible projects.

Optimism is an “Optimistic Rollup,” which allows the network to execute transactions quicker by using the security of the Ethereum network’s foundation layer. Consider it similar to constructing a home within a secure gated community. You don’t need to install security cameras or acquire guard dogs because the place is already so safe.


Layer 2 blockchains provide scaling solutions for Layer 1 (or “L1”) blockchains. Optimism is a scaling solution for Ethereum in this scenario. Layer 1 blockchains are the primary, or foundational, blockchains. Transactions from Layer 1 chains can be processed on another blockchain, requiring the original chain to keep a summary of the completed operations. This dramatically reduces the blockchain’s needs, boosting scalability and cutting gas expenses.

The Optimism Foundation, a non-profit, is in charge of managing optimism. The Optimism Collective is the two-tier governing system of Optimism, consisting of the Token House and the Citizens’ House. Token House participants can be OP owners.

The first step is to configure your METAMASK WALLET.

What is Metamask?

While there are other wallet services available, Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet that works with practically all Ethereum-based platforms. With over 21 million monthly active users, Metamask is by far the most popular.


MetaMask is a digital wallet service available via a smartphone app or web browser plugin. This implies that, like an ad blocker extension, it may be downloaded directly onto your phone or the Google, Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, or Edge browser. The metamask function simply means that it is always linked to the internet, allowing you to move your crypto assets at any time after downloading them.

To install the MetaMask wallet, Visit or the “Metamask extension” in your favorite browser (Metamask is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera).

Install the MetaMask wallet

Visit here: Create A Wallet Account Using MetaMask

Open your browser and go to MetaMask.

After installation, you can access the wallet from your browser’s upper right corner. If you have pinned the wallet, select the MetaMask fox symbol by clicking on it, or select the extension by clicking the button in the top-right corner of the screen. Now, your MetaMask is open.

Open MetaMask

Click “Expand view” to open the wallet on a new browser page.

Expand View

That opens MetaMask in a new tab:

MetaMask in a new tab

The next step is to connect Optimism (OP) Mainnet to MetaMask. To do so, navigate to Ethereum Mainnet > Add network.

Add Network

Click the Approve button. Switch to Optimism by clicking the button.

Switch to Optimism

Congratulations, you may now utilize Optimism OP Mainnet on MetaMask. If there is a problem, go here (to chained. link) and click connect.

Optimism OP Mainnet on MetaMask


Adding the Optimism (OP) network to your MetaMask wallet gives you access to the Ethereum-based Layer 2 scaling solution. This integration extends the possibilities of your wallet, allowing you to engage with decentralized applications and assets on the Optimism network.

To add the Optimism network to your MetaMask wallet, create a custom RPC with the relevant RPC URL and network information, then save the changes. Once added, you will be able to access and control your assets on the Optimism network, which is separate from the Ethereum mainnet.


Q- What is Optimism (OP)?
A- Optimism is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution that attempts to improve network scalability and lower transaction costs. This is accomplished by a process known as optimistic rollups, which enables faster and cheaper transactions.

Q- Is optimism the same as Ethereum?
A- Optimism is not a standalone blockchain, but rather a Layer 2 solution built on top of Ethereum. It makes use of Ethereum’s smart contracts and infrastructure to provide faster and cheaper transactions.

Q- What assets do I have access to on the Optimism network?
A- You can use assets from the Optimism network. Popular assets such as Ether (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens are still available at the time of my knowledge cutoff. Always check for the most up-to-date list of supported assets.

Q- Are Optimism network transactions faster than Ethereum mainnet transactions?
A- Yes, Optimism network transactions are substantially faster than Ethereum mainnet transactions. The optimistic roll-up technology used by Optimism enables faster transaction processing and confirmation times.

Q- Is it safe to use MetaMask with the Optimism network?
A- It is typically safe to integrate bespoke networks like Optimism on MetaMask. To avoid potential security issues, use caution and ensure you are utilizing the correct RPC URL and network details from trusted sources.