Google recently unveiled a wave of new features designed to enhance the capabilities of Chromebook Plus laptops, specifically targeting both productivity and entertainment. These updates place a strong emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) integration and aim to elevate the Chromebook Plus experience for users.

Source: Google

Standing out amongst the additions is a suite of AI-powered features courtesy of Google AI. One such feature is “Help Me Write,” a writing assistant tool that leverages AI to provide suggestions and even generate text from scratch. This functionality can be used across various platforms, including websites, PDFs, and even within web apps.

For a touch of personalization in video calls, Chromebook Plus now offers AI-generated wallpapers and video call backgrounds. Users can choose from a variety of prompts to create unique and customized backdrops, ensuring a professional or fun environment during video conferences.

Another noteworthy addition is Magic Editor, a powerful photo editing tool previously exclusive to Android phones. Now integrated into the Google Photos app on Chromebook Plus, Magic Editor allows users to effortlessly manipulate photos by selecting and editing specific portions. This includes removing unwanted objects, repositioning elements, or resizing them for a more polished look.

Further streamlining the user experience, Chromebook Plus comes pre-installed with the Gemini app, offering a powerful AI assistant directly on the home screen. This allows for quick access to Gemini’s functionalities, which include assistance with writing, learning, and planning tasks.

The focus on user experience extends beyond AI. Google has also introduced features designed to simplify setup and enhance gaming capabilities. Chromebook Plus now boasts seamless integration with Android smartphones, allowing for effortless setup through QR code scanning, eliminating the need for manual credential entry.

Gamers will appreciate the inclusion of a built-in view of Google Tasks, enabling efficient task management alongside their gaming sessions. Additionally, a new Game Dashboard has been introduced, providing top-notch gaming experiences by facilitating the mapping of mobile game controls to keyboards, offering a more familiar and comfortable gaming experience.

This strategic move by Google positions Chromebook Plus as a more well-rounded device catering to a wider range of users. The emphasis on AI integration and improved user experience signifies Google’s commitment to making Chromebooks a compelling option for both productivity and entertainment needs.