A German Member of Parliament (MP), Joana Cotar, has called on the government to halt its recent Bitcoin sell-off, criticizing it as “hasty” and unproductive. Cotar believes these Bitcoins could be a valuable asset for the nation’s treasury.

The German government reportedly moved a significant amount of Bitcoin to exchanges in recent weeks, with some speculating it to be a prelude to a sell-off. Cotar argues against this approach, highlighting the potential benefits of holding onto the cryptocurrency.

She views Bitcoin as a tool for diversification within the national treasury, reducing reliance on traditional assets. Additionally, she proposes it as a hedge against potential currency devaluation, a concern in today’s economic climate.

Cotar’s stance illuminates the ongoing debate surrounding Bitcoin’s role as a legitimate asset class. While some governments, like El Salvador, have embraced Bitcoin as legal tender, others remain cautious.

The German MP’s argument hinges on Bitcoin’s potential for long-term appreciation. Proponents often cite its limited supply and growing adoption as reasons for its future value. However, Bitcoin’s price volatility is a significant counterpoint, raising concerns about its stability as a treasury holding.

This incident highlights the complex considerations governments face when dealing with cryptocurrency. While some see it as an opportunity, others remain apprehensive. The German government’s next move regarding its Bitcoin holdings will be closely watched by the global financial community.