Figma has disabled its newly launched “Make Design” AI tool. This feature, designed to utilize generative AI to create entire applications based on user input, came under fire for consistently replicating the look and feel of Apple’s Weather app.

Figma CEO Dylan Field acknowledged the issue, stating the tool needed further development before a wider release. Critics, however, pointed out more fundamental problems. Some raised concerns about potential copyright infringement, as the blatant copying of Apple’s design could be illegal.

Source: Figma

Others highlighted the limitations of the current AI technology. The “Make Design” tool seemed to prioritize replicating existing designs rather than generating original concepts. This raises questions about the tool’s true creative potential and its ability to assist designers in a meaningful way.

While Figma aims to refine the “Make Design” tool, the incident has sparked discussions about the responsible use of AI in design.  The focus on near-exact replication raises concerns about originality and potential homogenization of design aesthetics.

However, the episode also highlights the ongoing development of AI in creative fields. As AI tools continue to evolve, ensuring they promote creative exploration alongside efficiency will be crucial. Figma’s decision to temporarily disable the feature suggests a commitment to responsible development, prioritizing innovation over imitation.

The future of AI-powered design tools remains to be seen. This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Finding the balance between leveraging AI’s capabilities and fostering human creativity will be key to shaping the future of design.