Databricks strengthens its large language model (LLM) toolkit, Mosaic AI, with a focus on empowering enterprises to harness the potential of these powerful AI models. This expansion aims to address key challenges faced by companies venturing into the world of LLMs.

Mosaic AI‘s previous offerings focused on model training and deployment. Now, Databricks is addressing the critical aspects of model quality and governance through two key additions:

  • Mosaic AI Agent Framework: This framework empowers companies to build Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) applications. RAG combines the strengths of foundational LLMs with a company’s proprietary data, resulting in more accurate and relevant outputs. This is particularly beneficial for tasks like text summarization, question answering, and code generation tailored to an organization’s specific domain and needs.
  • Mosaic AI Gateway: This addition tackles the concerns of cost, security, and compliance surrounding LLM usage in enterprises. Administrators gain functionalities like tracking model usage, setting spending limits to optimize costs, and filtering sensitive data to ensure adherence to regulations. Additionally, the Mosaic AI Gateway provides flexibility by allowing companies to switch between different LLMs as new and improved models emerge.

Databricks acknowledges that accuracy and governance are major hurdles for enterprises hesitant to adopt LLMs.  Mosaic AI’s expansion with the Agent Framework and Gateway directly addresses these concerns. The Agent Framework empowers companies to bridge the gap between the generic capabilities of LLMs and the specific needs of their businesses. Meanwhile, the Gateway provides the necessary controls to ensure responsible and cost-effective LLM usage.

This move by Databricks signifies a significant step towards making LLMs more accessible and user-friendly for enterprises. By simplifying development workflows, enhancing model quality, and addressing governance concerns, Databricks is paving the way for broader adoption of LLMs across various industries. With Mosaic AI’s expanded capabilities, enterprises can leverage the power of LLMs to automate tasks, generate creative content, and gain valuable insights from their data.