The partnership allows Alchemy Pay users to use Worldpay’s Visa and Mastercard payment rails.

Alchemy Pay users to use Worldpay’s Visa and Mastercard

Alchemy Pay, a Singaporean fintech firm, has partnered with Worldpay, a payment processor based in the United Kingdom.

As per the announcement made on December 19, Alchemy Pay users will now have access to Worldpay’s Visa and Mastercard payment rails, enabling them to buy cryptocurrencies using their credit and debit cards.

“With Alchemy Pay, we can now help our customers and partners transact with cryptocurrency seamlessly anywhere in the world,” stated Robert McCracken, head of the Alchemy ecosystem.

Nabil Manji, the head of Worldpay’s cryptocurrency and Web3 division, made the following statement: “Worldpay’s role in bridging the gap between traditional and digital finance is aligned with Alchemy Pay’s mission to promote the global adoption of digital assets by connecting fiat to the Web3 economy.”

Potential Benefits

Increased Access to Crypto Payments: This partnership removes some of the barriers to entry for users unfamiliar with crypto, allowing them to use familiar payment methods like credit cards for digital currency transactions.

Enhanced Merchant Options: Merchants gain access to a wider customer base by accepting crypto payments through Worldpay’s existing infrastructure. This opens up new revenue streams and potentially attracts tech-savvy consumers.

Streamlined Global Transactions: The integration of Visa and Mastercard channels facilitates cross-border transactions with greater efficiency and reduced costs, potentially benefiting both businesses and individuals.

Challenges and Uncertainties

Regulatory Landscape: Navigating the evolving regulatory landscape surrounding crypto remains a challenge. The partners will need to ensure compliance with regional regulations and potentially adapt their offerings accordingly.

Crypto Volatility: The inherent volatility of cryptocurrency prices could pose challenges for retailers and consumers alike, requiring careful consideration of risk management strategies.

Consumer Adoption: While interest in crypto is growing, widespread adoption for everyday purchases is still nascent. The success of this partnership hinges on successfully educating consumers and building trust in crypto payments.


The partnership between Alchemy Pay and Worldpay marks a significant step towards mainstreaming crypto payments. By leveraging existing infrastructure and addressing key challenges, both companies have the potential to make crypto more accessible and relevant for everyday transactions. The ultimate success of this collaboration will depend on navigating regulatory hurdles, addressing consumer concerns, and demonstrating the convenience and benefits of crypto payments on a global scale.