Cristiano Ronaldo has announced the launch of his fourth non-fungible token (NFT) collection, partnering once again with Binance. This news comes despite an ongoing $1 billion lawsuit against the cryptocurrency exchange.

The new collection, set to launch on May 29th on the Binance NFT Marketplace, will celebrate Ronaldo’s illustrious career. It will feature highlights and iconic moments from his journey across prestigious clubs. Binance shared a blog post with a quote from Ronaldo himself, stating his excitement to share his footballing journey with fans through NFTs.

This collaboration raises eyebrows considering the ongoing legal battle between Ronaldo and Binance. The lawsuit, filed in April 2024, alleges that Ronaldo was a victim of a promotional scam orchestrated by Binance, leading to his loss of over $1 billion in investments.

Despite the lawsuit, both parties seem to be moving forward with the NFT collection launch. The reasons behind this remain unclear. Binance has yet to officially comment on the lawsuit’s impact on their partnership with Ronaldo.

The launch of the NFT collection has garnered mixed reactions. Some fans are excited to own a piece of Ronaldo’s legacy, while others express concerns about the timing amidst the legal dispute. The situation raises questions about celebrity endorsements in the cryptocurrency space and the importance of due diligence.

The success of the NFT collection remains to be seen. It will be interesting to observe how the lawsuit unfolds and whether it affects future collaborations between Ronaldo and Binance.