YouTube investigator Stephen Findeisen, known online as Coffeezilla, has sparked controversy by accusing artificial intelligence (AI) company Rabbit of orchestrating and attempting to conceal an NFT scam.

On his channel, Coffeezilla, Findeisen released a video detailing his investigation into Rabbit’s past.  According to his findings, Rabbit, formerly known as Cyber Manufacture Co., raised $6 million for an NFT project called Gama. However, Coffeezilla alleges the project was a scam.

Findeisen points out similarities between the marketing tactics used for Gama and Rabbit’s current product, the AI tool Rabbit R1. He suggests both projects rely on hype and exaggerated promises to attract investors.

Coffeezilla’s accusations are not the first concerning Rabbit. Tech entrepreneur Josh Olin, founder of WeGPT, has previously called Rabbit’s project a “scam” designed to profit off a quick cash grab.

Rabbit has yet to respond publicly to Coffeezilla’s allegations. The accusations raise questions about Rabbit’s legitimacy and the future of its AI product. With the NFT market facing ongoing scrutiny, this investigation could have significant repercussions for Rabbit.