Bitcoin mining company Bitfarms has announced the appointment of a new board member. This strategic addition comes amid a hostile takeover bid from rival miner Riot Platforms.

Riot Platforms, already Bitfarms’ largest shareholder with a 14.9% stake, recently made a $950 million unsolicited offer to acquire the company. However, Bitfarms swiftly rejected the proposal.

Undeterred, Riot Platforms took the next step by calling for a special shareholder meeting to propose replacing Bitfarms’ board members with their own nominees. This move aimed to gain control of Bitfarms’ decision-making and potentially force through the acquisition.

In response to this aggressive tactic, Bitfarms has appointed a new board member with expertise in mergers and acquisitions. This strategic selection strengthens Bitfarms’ negotiating power and bolsters its ability to resist a hostile takeover.

The specific identity and background of the new board member haven’t been disclosed yet. However, their appointment signifies Bitfarms’ determination to remain independent and explore other growth strategies.

It’s important to note that Bitfarms had previously implemented a “poison pill” defense mechanism. This tactic allows existing shareholders to purchase additional shares at a discounted rate, making it more expensive for Riot Platforms to acquire a controlling stake.

The battle for control of Bitfarms highlights the ongoing consolidation within the Bitcoin mining industry. As competition intensifies, these strategic maneuvers position companies for a stronger foothold in the market.

While the immediate outcome remains to be seen, the appointment of a new board member signals Bitfarms’ commitment to remaining an independent player in the Bitcoin mining landscape. The coming days will likely reveal further developments in this ongoing saga.