Autify, a platform leveraging AI for quality engineering, announced a significant advancement with both funding and product development. They secured $13 million in their Series B funding round and unveiled Zenes, an AI agent designed to autonomously handle software quality assurance (QA).

Zenes functions as an “AI QA engineer,” streamlining the QA process.  It analyzes product requirement documents, regardless of file format (HTML, PDF, DOCX, etc.), and generates comprehensive test cases. Zenes then takes it a step further by automatically writing and maintaining the corresponding test codes. This translates to significant time savings, as Autify itself reported a 55% reduction in test case creation time using Zenes.

The funding round of $13 million was led by Globis Capital Partners, a prominent venture capital firm based in Tokyo, and LG Technology Ventures, the venture capital arm of LG Group, focusing on AI, enterprise software, and energy transformation. This investment signifies the growing interest in AI-powered solutions for software development.

Zenes operates within Autify’s existing AI platform, leveraging the power of generative AI to offer code completion within the product itself. Users can edit the generated test case steps, which are written in Gherkin format, for further customization.

This innovation by Autify holds immense potential for the software development industry. By automating repetitive tasks like test case creation and code writing, Zenes allows QA teams to focus on more strategic aspects of software quality assurance. The increased efficiency can lead to faster software releases and improved overall product quality.

While Zenes represents a major leap forward, it’s important to remember it’s currently in beta. As with any new technology, there will be a learning curve, and some human oversight will likely remain necessary. However, the potential of Zenes to revolutionize software QA is undeniable.