A fake app impersonating the decentralized finance protocol Curve has been published on Apple’s App Store.

According to a warning issued by developers on February 14, there is currently no official DeFi Curve app. “Beware of scams,” the Curve staff wrote. “A fake containing our logo was discovered! “Be safe.”

MK Technology Co. Ltd is credited with creating the unauthorized Curve app. On its official website, which is hosted by Google Sites, a single proton mail contact address is listed alongside a “Curve Finance” descriptor. MK Technology has no further apps available on the App Store.

The fake app, which is currently rated 4.6 out of 5 stars with nine reviews, advertises itself as a “powerful app for managing your borrowers and their loans.

Source: Apple App Store

“In addition, users can find entertainment within the app by playing puzzle games in the Gaming section. There are two versions of the game for you to play: classic and shuffle,” the alleged scammer wrote. It is unclear at the time of publication whether the app is simply using Curve Finance’s brand without permission or if it is intended to steal users’ wallet assets via in-app features.