Apple Launches The $3,499 Vision Pro Headset

Apple Launches The $3,499 Vision Pro Headset

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the Apple Vision Pro, the company's long-awaited augmented-reality headset, at its annual software developer conference WWDC 2023 on Monday. Apple has made its first significant move with Vision Pro since the launch of the Apple Watch nine years ago.

"It's the first Apple product you look through, not at," Cook said during the keynote address at WWDC 2023, announcing the Vision Pro, which starts at $3,499 (approximately Rs 2,88,742). Apple's new headgear will compete with Meta's Quest Pro series.

The Vision Pro, which Cook refers to as "spatial computing," comes with a three-dimensional camera and microphone system that allows users to easily capture videos and photos that can be viewed in 3D later.

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Source: WWDC

The augmented reality headset allows users to look "through" the headset using an array of external cameras, with digital content superimposed on their real-world surroundings. That means you'll be able to see interface windows and video screens floating around the world, as well as 3D graphics and elements set atop your real-world tables and counters.

Look At Vision Pro
Look At Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro uses the same M2 chip as Apple's Mac computer line, but it is supplemented with a new R1 chip that handles all data from built-in cameras and sensors. The headset is powered by Apple's brand-new VisionOS operating system, which is based on hand and gesture navigation and was created specifically for the spatial computing device.

To avoid weighing down the visor, Apple's headset has an external battery pack that connects via a cord. The battery lasts about two hours, but when plugged into a wall outlet, the headset can be used indefinitely.

Without a physical controller, hand- and gesture-based navigation is possible with the Vision Pro thanks to external cameras and sensors. In addition, a modular design with multiple strap options was created to emphasize comfort and fit.

Full technical specifications have yet to be revealed, but Apple claims that the twin displays (one for each eye) will have a total of 23 million pixels, providing a better-than-4K image to each eye and apparently enabling crisp, clear graphics. A low-latency design, meanwhile, aims to stop the kinds of motion sickness that users of rival AR and virtual reality (VR) headsets experience.

The Apple Vision Pro Headset
The Apple Vision Pro Headset

Apple promises you that you are not isolated from those around you. With a feature called Eyesight, the headset will show your eyes, and if you're using full virtual reality, a glowing screen will cover them to indicate you're not available. Additionally, it scans your face to create a digital "persona"—a hyper-realistic avatar. In addition to projecting 3D objects into real space, including pulling objects out of a message thread into the real world, the device uses pass-through video to let you see the real world in all of its vibrant colors.

Photos and Videos Image. Apple
Photos and Videos Image. Apple

Spatial audio allows you to move FaceTime participants around the room as "video tiles" when you're talking to someone who isn't physically present. Additionally, the 3D camera built into the headset allows you to record and "relive" 180-degree video. In addition, Apple is promoting premium content from Disney on the headset's TV and arcade channels.

Entertainment The ultimate theater image. Apple
Entertainment The ultimate theater image. Apple


The Apple Vision Pro headset is a highly anticipated and ground-breaking AR (Augmented Reality) device that aims to redefine personal computing and immerse users in a new realm of augmented experiences. Packed with cutting-edge technology, seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem, and advanced features, this AR headset opens up a world of possibilities for productivity, creativity, and entertainment. With its high-resolution displays, advanced sensors, and powerful performance, the Vision Pro is poised to shape the future of computing and pave the way for a new era of augmented experiences.


Q. What is the Apple Vision Pro headset?
A. The Apple Vision Pro headset is an AR (Augmented Reality) device developed by Apple. It combines advanced hardware and software to overlay virtual objects onto the real world, delivering immersive augmented experiences.

Q. How much does the Apple Vision Pro headset cost?
A. The Apple Vision Pro headset is priced at $3,499.

Q. What are the main features of the Vision Pro headset?
A. The Vision Pro headset boasts high-resolution displays, advanced sensors for precise tracking, powerful onboard processing, seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem, and an emphasis on user privacy and security.

Q. What can you do with the Vision Pro headset?
A. The Vision Pro headset opens up a wide range of possibilities. Users can enjoy immersive entertainment experiences, enhance productivity with virtual screens and tools, collaborate in new ways, and explore creative applications such as design and architecture.

Q. Is the Vision Pro headset compatible with other Apple devices?
A. Yes, the Vision Pro headset seamlessly integrates into the Apple ecosystem. It synchronizes with iPhones, iPads, and Macs, allowing for a cohesive user experience across multiple devices.