Elvis Presley live performance is being produced by the British immersive entertainment company Layered Reality combining old personal photos and home video clips and AI.

Layered Reality, a British immersive entertainment business, announced a new attempt to use artificial intelligence (AI) to bring back rock and roll great Elvis Presley for a live performance.

“Elvis Evolution” will be an immersive experience for Elvis fans that will use AI and holographic projections of Elvis created from thousands of personal images and home films.

Viewers will be taken on a virtual tour through Elvis’ life, beginning in his hometown of Mississippi and ending with memorable Vegas concerts.

The “crescendo” of the experience, according to Layered Reality CEO Andrew McGuinness in an interview with Reuters, will be a “live” AI performance by Elvis.

The show will premiere in London in November before moving on to other locations such as Las Vegas, Berlin, and Tokyo.

Despite the mixed reactions, the “Elvis: Forever Young” tour is generating enormous buzz, with tickets expected to sell out in record time. The organizers plan to kick off the tour in Las Vegas, the city where Elvis solidified his legendary status, and then expand to other major cities around the world.

While the concept of an AI-powered Elvis concert may seem outlandish, it represents the cutting edge of a rapidly evolving entertainment landscape. Whether this is a one-off spectacle or the start of a new era for virtual celebrity performances, one thing is certain: Elvis Presley is back, and his timeless music and charisma are poised to captivate a new generation of fans.